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ePortfolios in the College of Science and Engineering

What is an ePortfolio?

Developing your ePortfolio is a bit like collecting trumpcards: its your space to collect all the good things you have been doing in your studies but also in your personal life. What could that be? Assignments, presentations, community work, societies you have joined, your trips, your blogs, pictures or videos you have been taken…It is your own personal space to reflect on your studies, organise your life and present yourself.


Student views on ePortfolios
How to use the ePortfolio

ePortfolio feedback pilots 2008 report

what is a portfolio




Watch Tom Bruce introducing ePortfolio



School of Engineering Director of Teaching Dr. Tom Bruce explaining
the ePortfolio to second year engineering students


Why should I do this?


    Collecting your trumpcards…

    Well, first of all, it’s good to collect all your work for future reference. Say at one point you need to write your CV to find a summer job. Instead of having to look in lots of different places, you will find all the pieces that make up your CV in one place. You can create your CV in your ePortfolio, but you could also invite a future employer to have a look into your ePortfolio (My showcase), to see evidence of what you have been doing over the course of your studies. We are living in a quite competitive world. So anything that will differentiate you from your competitors will be to your advantage. And it can be quite satisfying for yourself to go through all what you have achieved in your 4 or 5 years of study.


    Reflecting on your learning

    At the same time collecting your work will also help you reflect on your learning. You will find a blog called “My Learning” in your “My studies” space. It’s a good idea to keep something like a learning diary on your studies, to note down things you found difficult or where you think you should look up a bit more information. University is quite a tough new environment for many students; it’s very different from School. So thinking about these differences on how to learn, prepare for exams, revise, seek support, might help you adjust more quickly to the Uni environment and help you improve from semester to semester. You will find a few questions that you could ask yourself at the end of every semester in your "My studies" area in order to reflect on the past semester and how your learning went. That might help you come up with some ideas on what to try for the next semester to get improved learning results.


    What’s the difference to Facebook or MySpace?


    Your ePortfolio is a bit more professional or academic. You might not want your future employer to see all those pictures from your last Halloween Party…And its secure. Its part of the University system, so it would be a lot more difficult for somebody to hack into your ePortfolio account than to your Facebook account. And the Unversity has strict rules on student data privacy.

    You could still feed stuff from your various other spaces, such as Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube into your ePortfolio – just make sure you manage the access to your various areas wisely!


    Who should access my ePortfolio?


    Currently only you can view your ePortfolio. But it’s not a bad idea to invite other people in. Who could that be? Maybe your Director of Studies? Or some other “mentor” friend you have? Or some colleagues of yours? Or a future employer?

    You can invite people from the University, but also outside people, by creating a guest account. Just make sure, you only give them right to view the areas of your portfolio, that you want them to see. We have created the area “My showcase”, which we thought could be used for presenting yourself. You could link to stuff you have collected over the years and present just the things you think will be useful to see. People you invite to your portfolio can have two different roles: they can be added as simple reviewers or as designers.


    What can I do with my ePortfolio?


    The structure and tools that you currently find in your ePortfolio, are just a suggestion on what could be in your ePortfolio and how you could use it. You could go ahead and delete everything there is or you could scroll through your portfolio and see what you think could be of value to you and what not. You can create your own folders, link to your own websites, upload your own files to the ePortfolio – make it YOUR ePortfolio.


    Your ePortfolio is a long term project, it will accompany your all through your studies. So build it up slowly, visit it regularly, update it whenever you have done something interesting. You will have access to it for six months after you have left the University.


    What is the difference between WebCT and my ePortfolio?


    Although WebCT and the ePortfolio look slightly similar, there is a big difference: WebCT is controlled by your lecturers, they will decide what content appears on WebCT, what tools you can use on WebCT etc. The ePortfolio is your tool, you have control over it and its contents. However, you can copy content, assignments, discussions, blog entries etc from WebCT into your ePortfolio.


    See more information on how to move stuff from WebCT to your ePortfolio here: http://www.elearn.malts.ed.ac.uk/eportfolio/links_to_webct.pdf


    How do I access my portfolio?


    Once your ePortfolio has been created, you will be able to access it from within WebCT. Use the 'Portfolios' tab which is located next to the 'myWebCT' tab.


    What if I get stuck?


    You can get help from various sources: from this website, the central Unversity ePortfolio website (http://www.elearn.malts.ed.ac.uk/eportfolio/) or by e-mailing elearnhelp@ed.ac.uk