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Postgraduate Science Communication Team

Postgraduate Science Communication Team

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Who are we?

The University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Science Communication Team (PGSCT) provides a dedicated team of research students who are keen to take a leading role in communicating science to the public.

We currently have 10 postgraduate members from across the spectrum of scientific research at the University of Edinburgh.

Why we do science communication

Communicating science and technology to the public is an essential enterprise for research universities, government funding councils and the scientific industry. Encouraging young people to consider careers in science and ensuring that the general public can see the benefits or costs of funding scientific research is extremely important for maintaining standards. It is also crucial that people are well informed about the issues and opportunities that arise from scientific research and the impact that scientific developments may have on everyday life.

Aims of the team

It is unfortunately often the case that people can be misinformed, bored or even scared by science. By giving talks, developing and presenting hands-on science exhibits and workshops, working with schools for curriculum enhancement projects and after school clubs, taking part in science festivals, writing articles and contributing to the discussion of issues surrounding science, we hope to transfer our enthusiasm about science to the general public.

Whether we continue in our academic scientific research, venture out into industry, teaching or outwith science, the communication, teaching, teamwork, confidence, flexibility and planning skills which we can learn through our involvement in the PGSCT will also be extremely valuable.

What's in this website?

This website is designed to be used by both members of the PGSCT and anyone who is interested or involved in science communication.


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